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Battle Simulation Pyrotechnics

Bullet Hits Explosions & fireballs

Bullet Hits

Bullet hits fall into two categories, the first being on-body and the second being hits on hard objects like trucks, walls or buildings.
For on body hits we have all kinds of equipment including personal protection kit for wearers together with blood bags and remote control equipment.

For hard object bullet hits we can provide various strengths and size squibs and have computer controlled firing equipment that can sequence up to 550 hits within a fraction of a second. If you need information about the best way to achieve the effect that you need, then please give us a call on 01444 487500 and we'll be pleased to help.

Ground Strafe'S

The ground strafe is the military practice of attacking ground targets from low-flying aircraft using aircraft-mounted cannons or machine guns and what you normally see on films, are two sets of parallel bullet strike to simulate firing from wing mounted cannons. To provide this effect small specially made units are buried n the ground and are covered with a mixture of compounds, so that when the Strafe is triggered, the audience see what looks like a perfect gun strafe. These are normally coupled with something like a petrol lift so that it looks like the aircraft has hit it's target.

Ground Bursts

The ground burst is a large bang similar to a maroon or concussion but with a much deeper and louder bang. These units add a heightened sense of realism to training excises for Police and armed forces and counter terrorism training organisations.

The volatile flash mix is contained within a thick cardboard case, (can also be supplied in a waterproof plastic case for underwater use) and it is the pressure wave that creates the sound as the explosive charge inside the case bursts through.

These effects can only be fired outside and are used to create a large loud explosion that will also cause a reasonable amount of air movement and thus ‘throw’ soil/debris a good distance from the effect! The effect is used to create a simulated mortar hit but equally can move empty barrels and other debris from say a rocket strike or landmine explosion.

All these effects are fired using electric igniters to initiate the explosion, allowing the range manager or FX supervisor the ability to monitor and control events at the press of a button.

These effects can also be supplied in a similar form to create a huge black smoke plume simply called a Black Smoke Burst.

These items are for professional use only and cannot be sold to members of the public.

Petrol Lift Explosions

Petrol lifts are the most spectacular of Battle Sim effects, providing a great bang and a spectacular fireball.
Petrol lifts can be used for all kinds of Film and TV shoots as well as for Battle Simulation Effects and public demonstrations and can be created using both Pyrotechnic and High Explosive Lifts, so are quite scalable. For obvious reasons this is an effect that needs to be done by one of our qualified technicians or someone with specialist knowledge, but there are a lot of options and we are always happy to help and advise.