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Confetti Gun

The Confetti Gun is a totally remote handeld system for firing 1-3 Confetti or Streamer Cannons at once.

Shoot Confetti Into the Crowd

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Our Confetti Guns use both 40cm & 80cm Confetti or streamer powershot cannons to fire 1 or 3 shots at once. These are perfect for Concerts or for DJ's to interact with a crowd. Easily reloaded for multiple hits throughout an event.

The gun is fully remote pre-charged with a battery meter on the gun itself. It also comes equipped with a support strap & laser guide to see where you are aiming. Great for clubs, tours or festivals these fantastic guns are a great addition taking your confetti shot to the next level.

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Confetti gun Specifications

Size (LXWXH) - 10.7x5.5x10.4
Weight (KG) - 5kg
Power - Battery, charged via 13amp - PowerCON
Consumption & output - Electric Confetti Cannons 40cm: 5m - Electric Confetti Cannons 80cm: 12m - Electric Streamer Cannons 40cm: 10m - Electric Streamer Cannons 80cm: 20m!

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