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Outdoor Pyrotechnics

Bengal Blinkers & Flares

These are large outdoor pyrotechnic strobe effects, which last around a minute and are great to build up and maintain atmosphere. As a completely random stobe, it's an effect not possible to create with lighting and is one of our most popular effects for outdoor shows.

Large Outdoor Comets

The big brother of our indoor stage comets, again consisting of a single star, but on a much bigger scale for outdoor use. A range of colours are available with or without tails, in sizes going up to 300 feet.

Spectacular and enthralling and with near zero fallout, they provide a great stand alone effect or can be used as part of a ground or roof-top display.

Large Outdoor Mines

Exactly the same principle as the big outdoor comets, these are the big brother of indoor stage mines which again consist of several stars going up to create a spectacular effect available in a huge range of colours.

Coloured Smokes

Pyrotechnic smokes are special because it is the only way you can colour smoke. In doing so you can add a heavy industrial dye to a pyrotechnic composition, when lit, the hot smoke can easily dye anything it comes into contact with.