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CO2 Effects


CO2 Effect Systems - FORCEFX CO2 GUNS

CO2 Effects are becoming more & more popular effect for clubs & bars, festivals & gigs & touring shows. Our CO2 Effects made by us in the UK are designed to withstand the tough hire market & touring life whilst making it as simple to rig as possible.

Designed to create plumes of fast disappearing white 'smoke', our Co2 jets and guns fire liquid Co2 into the atmosphere which immediately turns back into its gaseous state, producing jets of rolling white clouds.

Co2 plumes can be used as a stand-alone effect fired either upwards or across the stage or room and are often used as a 'dump' effect as you'll see in many of Ibiza's Co2 clubs, or as a crowd cooler when things get really hot at a festival.

CO2 Guns are great for crowd interaction with DJs & an easy flexibly CO2 effect for small venues.

CO2 Backpacks use the CO2 Gun with a cylinder on the users back to get a portable CO2 Effect

Co2 jets are a staple in most big productions & ForceFX CO2 Jets have an impressive 8m plume which are available for hire & to purchase as kits.